Automated Electric Lateral Files are the only filing system that meet ADA compliance and are ergonomically sound. Electric Lateral Files can be customized to fit most filing system applications and are available in office and industrial applications. This automated filing system brings all files or records to a standing or sitting workstation and takes advantage of vertical ceiling height.

Vertical Carousel

    Also available are Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), Industrial Vertical Carousels and Horizontal Carousels for material handling and industrial applications. The concept of automated storage and retrieval systems is to allow the system to bring your media to you, instead of you wasting valuable time walking up and down and in and out of aisles of shelving.



Lift Bays




















Did You Know?

Did you know that electric lateral files have the greatest filing actions per hour of any filing system?

With the vertical carousel filing and storage system, you have the power to call up the exact record from thousands. Within seconds, it's there, right at your fingertips. Using the vertical carousel concept in your office eliminates needless work motions which waste valuable employee time and can lead to injury. Work motions, such as walking, stooping, bending, reaching, and searching are virtually eliminated. The flexible vertical carousel can also be used to store almost any type of media, such as letter or legal top and side tab folders, CD-ROM, microfiche, optical disks, checks, cards and more. This flexibility eliminates the need for costly file conversions.


Applications of Electric Lateral Files:

  • ADA Compliant
  • Available on GSA contract
  • Ergonomic Compliance
  • High ROI
  • More Filing Actions Per Hour

Horizontal Carousels - This automated filing system actually brings the files to the user, thus allowing one file clerk to pull as many records as several in the same time frame.

Horizontal Carosel

    The horizontal carousel is easily the best choice for any high activity file room. This state-of-the-art filing system will eliminate time spent walking to and searching for records, thus allowing one employee to do the same work as up to six employees using a conventional filing system. Not only will this system save your company time, it will also save space. When compared to other automated systems, the horizontal carousel can often double or even triple your capacity in the same footprint.


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