O'Brien Business Systems has works with E-Systems Group as a Value Added Reseller. E-Systems is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality information processing storage, furniture, and accessories.

    While data center, network, and communications managers plan the next stage of technology, the product development team at E-Systems is fast at work designing hardware storage, monitoring, and management solutions. E-Systems is recognized as the leader in the data processing furniture and accessories industry.

Systems Manufacturing (now E-Systems) was the first to offer a doublewide module dedicated specifically for LAN hardware storage, an innovation which has now become an industry standard.

    The best way to see how O'Brien Business Systems can solve all of your Data Center & LAN Room hardware storage and management needs is to Request a Site Survey. Our representative will make an analysis of your specific application and return with CAD generated drawings of your facility, designed for your specific requirements. This service is offered just for the opportunity to show you our solutions. Make the right decision at the beginning of your project.

Here is a sample of some of the Products used by our customers, with E-Systems Product Line.

    Whether the application is a LAN lab, monitoring station, or high-density open hardware storage, the LAN Center can be configured to meet your specific requirements. With the strength of a welded frame, the LAN Center provides convenience with lock-in components for every network element. From tower storage to keyboard management, all aspects are addressed.

DuraMax is loaded with exclusive features to maximize your productivity.

    The Premier LAN Module incorporates strength and style while addressing your critical needs. From ventilation to cable management to modularity, we have thought of everything. The Premier LAN Module allows you to migrate easily form free standing, to mixed, to all rack mount hardware simply by changing the interior components... and because E-Systems can accommodate any hardware manufacturer your Data Center will have a consistent look. Access your equipment easily from the front rear or sides. Available in single and doublewide versions. Open design enables obstruction free cabling between units, through raised flooring, or from ladder racks above.

    Smart Security at Your Fingertips... Network security taken to a new level, the new provides keyless access control connected directly to a proactive management solution. Using PCS's vast enterprise management experience and flexible hardware components from OPTO 22, the offers the following features.

    The SmartCabinet provides endless variations of control through its modularity and can be designed by O'Brien Business Systems to fit your specific requirements.

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