O'Brien Systems offers the Ellis Workfile, suspension files made for letter, legal and oversize applications. The suspended folder system allows folders to hang on a bar above the folder as opposed to having metal tabs on rods.






Did You Know?

Workfile is an exciting alternative to traditional filing methods. Suspended pockets in the file drawer have always been an acceptable method of storing paper, folders and hard to manage documents.

Having the indexing on the side of the pocket, media can be placed in a vertical storage system, much more efficiently utilizing floor space and otherwise dead airspace.                              



Applications of Ellis Workfile:

 Although Workfile has very specific applications in the library and graphic areas, it is the appropriate solution for almost any general filing application. Government, Legal, Insurance, Educational, Financial, and Corporate entities have utilized Workfile to solve their filing needs for several years. Here are some common files that are being stored in Workfile Compartments.  


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