O'Brien Business System is pleased to recommend Hamilton Sorter Modular Mailroom Systems. Hamilton Sorter Mailroom Modules feature heavy duty extruded aluminum construction and indestructible ABS plastic shelves.

These shelves, which feature easy slide in, slide out adjustably on 1" centers, can be overloaded again and again. When unloaded they simply return to there original shape and are ready for more abuse. 

Hamilton Sorter features an unmatched variety of sizes, configurations and laminate finishes. Below is a list of some of the products available from our Hamilton Sorter Line:

Mail Center Furniture ~ Hamilton Sorter offers the most comprehensive line of sort modules, table consoles and platforms in the industry.

Satellite Mail Stations ~ O'Brien Business Systems will design Satellite Mail Stations built in or freestanding to fit any environment.

Freestanding Modules ~ For forms management, literature fulfillment, work scheduling, data processing distribution and work organizers. Hamilton Sorter offers units with or without doors.

Sorters ~ Hamilton Sorter offers a complete line of desk-top vertical and horizontal sorters for all size documents, console and rotary sorters for filing applications, oscillating (shuttle) sorters for mail consolidation.

Mail Carts, Wall Mount Modules

Packaging, Shipping and Distribution Stations ~ Hamilton Sorter offers a wide range of sizes to accommodate manual and automated systems ~ adjustable scale units, packaging consoles, manifest stations and conveyer tables.

Hamilton Sorter Executive Series ~ An alternative to millwork for mail distribution and message centers in high profile areas of your company.

Special Designs ~ Please contact us to evaluate custom designs for unique applications.

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