If your existing file storage system is filled beyond its capacity, and record volume is continuing to grow, what do you do? Send more records to off-site storage? Lease more space at your current location? Moving to a larger facility? Any one of these solutions can be quite costly.

    Carriages are available in manual, mechanically assisted and fully electric models. They can be configured to support a wide range of shelving or cabinetry, and to suit your specific needs and applications. In addition to files, mobile systems can contain books, x-ray film, data and tape cartridges, CD-ROMs, film reels etc., as well as combinations of different media.

    End panels are available in laminates, steel, smoked glass, mirrors, wood veneers or fabrics to complement any decor. Additionally, the decking, including ramps, can be carpeted in complementary colors to enrich the surrounding environment.



Did You Know?

Did you know that mobile shelving takes away wasted aisle space? Eliminating fixed shelving units can give you 50% of your valuable office space back.
UltraStor Mobile Shelving Systems


Applications of Mobile Shelving:

  • Eliminate Wasted Aisle Space
  • Maximize Capacity
  • Store different sized media on the same section of shelving in the same system.

    A high-density mobile storage system may be your best solution. Carriages that accommodate shelving, lateral file drawers, cabinets, hanging folders or any other file storage container move back and forth on tracks. An access aisle is created where needed. Storage capacity can be increased by as much as 100% in a given area.

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