Industrial mobile shelving systems allow shelving to rest on a carriage which rolls on wheels along leveled parallel tracks so that aisles between rows of shelving can be eliminated to double the storage space within an area. All but one aisle is replaced by usable storage space.


Carriages can be moved manually, or with mechanical assist, or with electrical power. They can accept existing shelving and can be furnished with a wide range of safety features including the light carpet passive safety system to protect users, equipment and loads.

Industrial Systems are often used to store archived material and collections, low usage parts, dies and fixtures, as well as raw materials and work in process.

Key Benefits

Aisle Safety System

    The aisle safety system tracks personnel and objects from the time they enter the system till they leave. An array of infrared sensors span the entire module and are linked to a microprocessor which tracks movement into an out of the aisle. This system prevents any carriage motion while the access aisle is occupied or stops carriage motion if an object or person moves into the aisle while the carriages are in motion.




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