For storage of larger items on pallet or cantilever rack we recommend a Pallet Racking Mobile Shelving System. The Pallet Racking System reclaims wasted warehouse space and can even be used in high bay and narrow aisle configurations for maximum cube utilization.

    The Pallet Racking System is a family of mobile storage systems that allow pallet rack to rest on a carriage which rolls on wheels along leveled parallel tracks so that aisles between rows of rack can be eliminated to double the storage space within an area. All but one aisle is replaced by usable storage space.

    Two models are capable of carrying a load of 4000lbs or 8000lbs per carriage foot respectively. Each wheel saddle assembly, which rests under the pallet rack footplate, can carry up to 80,000lbs.

These systems have been installed carrying up to 55' high rack and with carriage lengths in excess of 100'.

Racking System are often used to store dies and fixtures, as well as raw materials and work in process.

Arrays of safety features including infrared sensors protect the operator that is occupying the aisle.

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