Times-2 Speed Files deliver significant features and benefits beyond traditional vertical or lateral files. Times-2 is the technological and contemporary solution for your immediate filing and your future storage requirements. The broad range of features and benefits include:

Capacity - The unique back-to-back, double-depth design of Times-2 Speed Files is best described by our motto: "Store Twice as Much Retrieve Twice as Fast." A single eight-tier unit holds as much material as four standard vertical files but utilizes only half the floor space.


Three eight-tier free standing Times-2 Speed Files require 17 sq. ft. (1,152 lineal filing inches).  


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7 Five drawer conventional lateral files require 63 sq. ft. (1,155 lineal filing inches).

Access - The rotating design of Times-2 means that half the documents are available for immediate access. The other half is a simple rotation away. When Times-2 is placed between two workstations, simultaneous access is possible.

Modular Design - Times-2 Speed Files are modular in three ways. Six different heights are available, and these heights can be used in various space saving applications. Units are designed to accommodate letter-sized documents or, as a separate cabinet, legal/EDP/A4-sized documents can be stored. Finally, units can be placed in any floor plan as single Starter Units or in combinations of Starter and Add-On Units to achieve virtually any desired length.

Dimension Data

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Flexibility - Our Accessory Guide illustrates our most popular interior components. Times-2 can house effectively and efficiently side-tab documents, top-tab documents, hanging folders of all designs, books, binders, microfiche, microfilm, diskettes, CD-ROM, EDP printouts, boxes, supplies, confidential documents, as well as a host of specialty racks and components designed to accommodate the wide spectrum of today's multi-media.

Security - Six levels of security are available for each of our Times-2 Speed Files.

Cost - The best method to compare various multi-media storage systems is to break cost into a cost per lineal filing inch. Times-2 Speed Files are demonstrably lower in cost than quality lateral and vertical files.

Appearance - Times-2 Speed Files come in 25 standard colors and can be ordered in custom colors at an up charge. With optional laminated doors, custom work surfaces, and fabric-wrapped ends you can fully integrate Times-2 into any space plan.

Safety - Positive Position Control, built into every Times-2, means that the operator is in control of the rotating interior with an automatic, self-centering mechanism providing positive latching for the rotating interior.

Key Benefits


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