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    Item and Document management is an essential part of today's ever-changing business environment. The accurate Storage and Retrieval of Data is an imperative ingredient to a firm's success. O'Brien Business Systems' experienced team of professionals will analyze your individual company's needs and develop a custom tailored solution that will maximize a fast return on your investment. From initial analysis, to implementation and "post-installation" support, O'Brien Business Systems, Inc. can help your company maintain its competitive advantage with our value added consulting and services.

Workflow Analysis
    O'Brien Business Systems, Inc. will examine your current business processes to analyze the flow of documents through your organization. We will analyze the various types of Items & Documents, where the documents are created, and how those documents are stored and retrieved throughout the documents life cycle. O'Brien Business Systems will then develop new processes that will optimize the flow of information throughout your company.

Retention Schedules
    Proper Retention Scheduling will save storage space, and can quicken retrieval time and ensures compliance with government regulation. O'Brien Business Systems, Inc. will evaluate your current retention practices and establish protocol for records retention.

Software Solutions

    Item & Document Management Software to meet your companies need for quick access to all information relevant to their tasks, regardless of the storage medium (i.e. books faxes, e-mail, pc files, digital images, paper documents, etc. Our records management system will accommodate all forms of documents and make them accessible through a user-friendly interface. Seamless integration of document types will allow users to quickly access information desired, often without even knowing what medium is being used to store the document.

Systems Design & Implementation
    The storage and retrieval of the physical document can be as important as the workflow of the document itself. O'Brien Business Systems, Inc. will evaluate your current storage methods and design new, better space utilizing systems for your office environment. This service includes AutoCAD layout, system implementation and post installation support.

Relocation Consultation


    Maintaining the integrity of the information during and after your move is a key to the success of your relocation. O'Brien Business Systems offers consultation services to make the relocation of your books & records as seamless as possible.

Other Services offered by O'Brien Business Systems...


Did You Know?

Did you know that some filing systems can be relocated to your new office space, eliminating the need to purchase all new equipment?



  • Convert media from top tab folders to side tab folders
  • Keep existing systems by relocating systems within your office or to your new office.
  • Maintain your carousels with maintenance contracts.

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