Vertical Carousel Systems

A vertical carousel is a series of shelves which revolve vertically and deliver the desired shelf to a counter level opening by the shortest route.

The machines take up as little as 36 square feet of floor space, but can give users up to 960 cubic feet of storage space. Standard units can carry as much as 800 pounds per shelf level and can be erected to over 32' in height.

Vertical carousels are frequently used for component storage and kitting, especially in the electronics industry. Units can be fitted with drawers, with welded or movable dividers or with cradles or shafts for reel storage. All models can be closed and locked.

Clean Room Carousels

Due to the extremely high cost per square foot of floor space, vertical carousels are often used in clean room environments. Class 100, class 10, and class 1 compliant units are available in heights from 6' to 32'.

A typical 12' unit can store as many as 3000 five inch reticle cases in area approximately 11' X 6'.

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